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President: hhONseSijrcvqzVr, JimmiXzSq
E-mail: jimos45812rt1@hotmail.com

Vice-president: Alexandrova, Nadezhda
Sofia University "St. Kl. Ohridski", Faculty of Slavic Studies
E-mail: n.alexandrova@slav.uni-sofia.bg

Secretary: Alexieva, Anna
Institute for Literature, BAS
E-mail: annaaleksieva@hotmail.com

  1. Alexandrova , Nadezhda
    Sofia University "St. Kl. Ohridski", Faculty of Slavic Studies
    E-mail: n.alexandrova@slav.uni-sofia.bg
    Tel: +35929308535
    Bulgarian and Balkan literature of the 19th c., Gender history, Post-colonial studies and Imagology

  2. Alexieva, Anna
    Institute for Literature, BAS
    E-mail: annaaleksieva@hotmail.com
    Tel: +359887509523

  3. Antov, Plamen
    Institute for Literature
    E-mail: plamenantov@mail.bg
    Tel: 0885601443
    French and German Philosophy; Rousseau; Paissy of Chilendar

  4. Aretov, Nikolay
    Institute for Literature
    E-mail: naretov@yahoo.com
    Bulgarian Literature 18th - 20th Centuries, Comparative Literature, Cultural studies, Nationalism and National mythology, Crime Literature

  5. Atanassov, Dimitar
    Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum, BAS
    E-mail: dimitar.atanassov@gmail.com
    Tel: +359 887225359

  6. Azmanova-Rudarska, Elena
    South-West Univesity, BG
    E-mail: elena_azmanova@swu.bg
    Bulgarian Literature, Memoirs

  7. Balcheva, Antoaneta
    Institute for Balkan Studies, BAS
    E-mail: ani.balcheva@yahoo.com

  8. Baramova, Maria
    Sofia University, Faculty of History
    E-mail: mariabaramova@gmail.com, baramova@clio.uni-sofia.bg
    Tel: +35929308378
    Balkan Studies, Comparative study of the Ottoman and Habsburg empire, diplomacy, geopolitics, historical geography

  9. Bobev, Andrey
    Cyrillo-Methodian research centre, BAS
    E-mail: andreybobev@yahoo.com
    Tel: 0885 188 911

  10. Bozinov, Plamen
    Institute for History
    E-mail: pbojinov@abv.bg

  11. Chernokozhev, Nikolay
    University of Sofia, Slavic Department
    E-mail: nikolay.chernokozhev@abv.bg
    Tel: 3592/8325958
    Bulgarian Literature and Drama (18th-20th C.); Cultural Studies; Comparative Literature

  12. Damianova, Rumiana
    Institute for Literature, BAS
    E-mail: damianova3@abv.bg
    Bulgarian Literature and Culture 18th - 19th Centuries, Paratexts, Forms of communication

  13. Danova, Nadia
    Institute for Balkan Studies
    E-mail: nadiadnv@yahoo.com
    Tel: 3592 / 865 86 85
    Enlightenment and Balkans, Enlightenment-Romanticism-Panslavism

  14. Danova, Penka
    Institute for Balkan Studies
    E-mail: penkadanova@yahoo.com
    Tel: 3592 / 973 54 61; GSM 088 618 32 19
    Italian Literature, Balkan cultural relations

  15. Dimitrova, Margaret
    Sofia University, Faculty of Slavic Philologies
    E-mail: marg@abv.bg; marg@slav.ubi-sofia.bg
    Tel: +359893341577
    History of Bulgarian language, literary production of the 17th-18th century, damaskinari, Paisij of Hilendar

  16. Gradeva, Rossitza
    Institute for Balkan Studies, BAS; AUB
    E-mail: rgradeva@gmail.com
    Ottoman Administration, Balkan Societies at the end of 18th Century

  17. Hristemova, Mina
    City Museum, Asenovgrad
    E-mail: mhristemova@abv.bg
    Bulgarian-Greek relations, regional history

  18. Ilcheva, Radoslava
    Institute for Literature
    E-mail: ilcheva@bas.bg; rilcheva@abv.bg
    Myths in Literature, Relations between France and Russia

  19. Ilieva, Boyka
    South-West University
    E-mail: boyka@abv.bg
    Tel: GSM 088 955 27 77
    Italian Literature, History of translation

  20. Kapralova, Nedka
    Institute for Literature, BAS
    E-mail: nedkakapralova@gmail.com
    Bulgarian Literature (18th - 19th c.), French-Bulgarian Cultural Relations, Popular culture, Sponsors

  21. Karadzova, Darinka
    South-West University
    E-mail: karadjovadbg@abv.bg
    Tel: 02/828 04 10; GSM: 0887 219 497
    Book history, Codicology, Paleography

  22. Kostova, Ludmila
    University of Veliko Turnovo
    E-mail: lkostova@mbox.digsys.bg
    English Literature, Cultural studies

  23. Krasteva, Denka
    University of Shumen
    E-mail: dkristeva@abv.bg
    Tel: 054 830495
    History and poetics of the Russian literature, cultural history of Russia, New Historicism

  24. Kroucheva, Katerina
    Seminar fuer Slavische Philologie in Goettingen
    E-mail: katerina_kroucheva@yahoo.de
    Comparative Literature

  25. Lucci, Diego
    American University in Bulgaria
    E-mail: dlucci@aubg.bg
    Tel: 35973/888479; GSM: 0877 303249
    European Intellectual History, Early Modern Philosophy, English and Italian Enlightenment

  26. Manolakev, Hristo
    Institute for Literature
    E-mail: h_manolakev@abv.bg
    Tel: 3592/9737015
    Russian Literature; Cross-Cultural Contacts; Poetics, Sentimentalism

  27. Melamed, Galina
    University of Sofia, French Department
    E-mail: galina_melamed@hotmail.com
    Tel: 3592 / 877 72 03
    Comparative Literature, Reception of French Literature in Bulgaria

  28. Mihaila, Ileana
    University of Bucharest, Dept. of Foreign Languages
    E-mail: ileanamihaila59@gmail.com
    French and Romanian Literature and History (18th – 19th c.); Comparative Literature; History of Culture

  29. Mihova, Lidia
    Institute for Literature
    E-mail: lmihova2000@yahoo.fr
    Tel: 3592 / 829 2620
    Bulgarian Literature 18th - 19th Centuries, Popular culture, Oral and Written Culture

  30. Mindova, Liudmila
    Institute for Balkan Studies
    E-mail: lmindova@yahoo.co.uk
    Baroc in Croatia, South-Slavic Literatures, Comparative Literature

  31. Mitev, Plamen
    Sofia University, Faculty of History
    E-mail: plamdm@abv.bg
    Tel: 02/ 2928318
    Economic and Social History of Ottoman Empire (18th C.)

  32. Nenova, Lyubka
    Faculty of Philology, South-West University "Neofit Rilski", Blagoevgrad
    E-mail: ljubka_nenova@abv.bg
    Tel: 0884/756 270
    Old-Bulgarian Language (classical old-bulgarian records), History of Bulgarian language, Himnografy, Hagiography, Stylistics, Paisieznanie

  33. Nikolova, Diana
    The Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv
    E-mail: dianikwork@gmail.com
    Mythology, Ancient Greek and Roman cultures, European Literature, Culturology, Comparative literature.

  34. Parvev, Ivan
    Sofia University, Faculty of History
    E-mail: ivanparvev@yahoo.com; parvev@clio.uni-sofia.bg
    Tel: 3592 / 944 85 84
    European-Ottoman relations in 15th-19th centuries, International relations. Theory, history of Eastern question

  35. Patova, Nikoleta
    Institute for Literature, BAS
    E-mail: nikoletapatova@hotmail.com
    Bulgarian Literature and Theater (18th-20th C.); National Identity; Nationalism and National Mythology

  36. Petkova, Antoaneta
    Faculty of History, Sofia University
    E-mail: petkova.antoaneta@gmail.com
    Ottoman Empire; French-ottoman relations; Eastern Question

  37. Radosalvjevic, Nedelko
    Institute for History, Belgrade
    E-mail: nedjo.radosavljevic@gmail.com
    Orthodox Church, Balkan Slavs in 18th Century, History of every day life

  38. Radulov, Tzvetan
    Faculty of History, Sofia University
    E-mail: blackzvetan@yahoo.com
    Tel: 0896804360
    Ottoman Empire; everyday life; european-ottoman conflict

  39. Serafimova, Margarita
    Institute for Balkan Studies, BAS
    E-mail: margarita_serafim@yahoo.fr
    French Enlightenment; Comparative Literature

  40. Sivriev, Sava
    University of Shumen
    E-mail: sivriev@yahoo.com
    Tel: 3554 / 404 33
    Bulgarian Literature 18th - 20th Centuries, Theory of Literature, Russian Literature, Theology

  41. Solenkova, Liubomila
    Institute for History, BAS
    E-mail: lubomila_solenkova@yahoo.com
    Historiography; Bulgarian Cultural and Scientific Institutions; Modern Intellectuals; Bulgarian-Czech Cultural Relations

  42. Spasova, Andriana
    Institute for Literatre, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
    E-mail: andriana.spassova@gmail.com
    Tel: +359899937568
    Reception of antiquity (mythology, literature) in the XIX century; National identity; Didactic literature in translation in Bulgarian Revival; Modernization of Bulgarian education; Ancient fables and parables.

  43. Stoilova, Tamara
    Institute for History
    E-mail: tamarasto@abv.bg
    Tel: 3592 / 8896975; GSM 0887 841 853
    Europe, Russia and Ottoman Empire

  44. Stoimenova, Biserka
    University of Shumen
    E-mail: bissera66@yahoo.com
    Tel: 0899 944510
    French literature 17th-19th century, libertine literature, economic sociology

  45. Tacheva, Elena
    University of South-West
    E-mail: elenatacheva@abv.bg
    Tel: 3592 / 378 721; GSM 0888 134 896
    Bulgarian Literature, Cultural Studies, Intellectual Elites, Literary Institutions and Groups

  46. Tartari, Eriona
    National Centre for Scientific Research, Dep. for Literature (Tirana, Albania)
    E-mail: erionatartari@gmail.com
    French Enlightenment in the Balkans

  47. Timenova, Maya
    University of Plovdiv
    E-mail: mtimenova@yahoo.com
    History of French Literature, Cultural History

  48. Todorov, Tzvetomir
    Institute for Balkan Studies, BAS
    E-mail: ceco@bili-bg.org
    Enlightenment, Religious Communities; secularism

  49. Todorova, Olga
    Institute for History
    E-mail: olgat@abv.bg
    Tel: 3592 9787358
    Social History

  50. Vatcheva, Anguelina
    Sofia University "St. Kl. Ohridski", Faculty of Slavic Studies
    E-mail: angelinavacheva@yahoo.com
    Eighteenth-century Russian literature, international relations of Russian literature

  51. Zaimova, Raia
    Institute for Balkan Studies
    E-mail: rzaimova@hotmail.com
    Cultural History, Westernization in Ottoman Empire, Travel Literature, Imagology